The China Beige Book Advantage

We are the world’s only advisory firm offering actionable insights derived directly from independently-sourced nationwide data on the Chinese economy.

Independently-Sourced Proprietary Data.

We operate a vast private in-country data collection network, using a proprietary methodology adapted from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Our team assesses and forecasts key market trends through the prism of this independently collected economic data.


Your strategy is guided by credible data, not repackaged Chinese government statistics.

Broadest and deepest coverage of China’s economy.

Our flagship platform tracks the performance of over 4,000 Chinese firms across all of China’s regions, sectors, and 34 discrete industries. Our coverage is nearly ten times the size of the single sector private PMI, and encompasses every type of firm, every key economic sector, and every geographic region from the coast to the periphery.


You identify trends ahead of broader markets by accessing the largest private database and analytical platform ever set up inside a closed economy.

We track key areas of the economy that no one else can.

Accurate forecasting requires going beyond mere headline growth figures. To capture this more comprehensive picture we created a next-generation tracker of China’s credit environment, including the world’s first and only coverage of China’s massive and opaque shadow finance universe. Our proprietary suite of products also includes the only economy-wide gauge of labor market conditions and only in-depth supply side tracking of China’s commodities sector commercially available.


You gain exclusive insights into critical components of the economy that are untrackable through official Chinese or small-scale private data.

Data-driven, transparent, and actionable insights.

We are neither “China Bulls” nor “China Bears.” Unlike sell-side research from the Street we have no institutional bias or competing agendas, and unlike most commentators we are never incentivized to “talk our book.” Our sole mandate is to provide objective analysis that gives clients an edge, with our views driven directly from the results of our independently-collected data.


You’re protected from false or agenda-driven market narratives through value-free and unbiased data, analytics, and forecasting.

“pick[s] up trends on the ground that the top-down macro statistics miss”

– The Wall Street Journal

“a more accurate impression of what drives China’s growth”

– The Atlantic

Invest in better results

Our forecasting record is unparalleled in the China watching world