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Actionable guidance derived from independent economic data for long-term strategic planning.







China Beige Book’s proprietary analytics platform helps corporate strategists monitor market conditions, identify growth opportunities, and mitigate risk.


China Economic Forecasting
Offering a comprehensive economic assessment of China…

Our flagship service offers companies a comprehensive economic assessment of China, enabling clients to analyze growth trends and track fundamental metrics such as inflation, credit, investment, consumption, and the jobs market. Our experts help decision-makers, understand the strategic context their firms operate in, forecast the business impact of policy decisions, and plan for alternate scenarios.

Commodities Forecasting
Covers upstream and downstream operations in the metals, mining, and production industries…

Servicing the blue chips of the metals, mining, and production industries, this practice covers upstream and downstream operations of commodities producers. We provide assessments of supply-side dynamics—including the world’s only independent Chinese production capacity tracking data—as well as analyze demand trends through our manufacturing, real estate, construction, and logistics industry reports. Our specialists help corporate strategists translate these results into actionable insights as they model growth opportunities.

Shipping & Logistics
Helps clients monitor key demand drivers impacting the global dry bulk shipping market…

This shipping industry offering lets clients monitor key demand drivers in China impacting the global dry bulk shipping market. It combines our independent macroeconomic data with in-depth analysis of China’s metal commodities production, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and logistics sectors. Multinational shipping corporations access our data to advise their seaborne dry bulk trade outlooks and utilize our expertise to identify economic and geopolitical risks and develop strategic plans.

Location Assessments
Tracks economic and sectoral trends across the totality of China…

To help companies monitor developments beyond the national level, China Beige Book’s analytics platform tracks economic and sectoral trends across the totality of China’s provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and city tiers. This broad coverage provides executives intelligence on the operating environment critical for business planning and risk mitigation.

Proprietary Analytics
A specialized, proprietary economic tracking series with tailored analytics and consulting…

Unique strategic challenges require customized solutions. To help firms meet their precise needs, our team of experts works with corporate stakeholders to develop specialized, proprietary economic tracking series. Our tailored analytics and consultancy services enables business leaders to solve problems specific to their company.

Advisory Services
A globally recognized team of experts providing advisory services and market intelligence…

China Beige Book’s globally recognized team of experts provides corporate boards and senior executives on-demand advisory services and event-driven market intelligence on trade and RMB policy, economic conditions, political developments, and geopolitical risk.


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Commodities (Energy & Metals)
Coal • Steel • Copper • Aluminum

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