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On-demand strategic guidance for boards and senior executives.

China Beige Book’s leadership provides advisory services and event-driven market intelligence to help corporate boards and c-suite executives mitigate risk while implementing optimal long-term investment strategies.


U.S.-China Trade Policy
From tariff issues to section 301 investment protections, our executive team has worked closely with U.S. policymakers on the most critical pieces of trade-related authority. We understand how this process is rolling out under the Trump administration and are helping firms identify challenges while protecting their operations both at home and abroad.

Chinese Currency & Monetary Policy
With access to the world’s only real-time proprietary credit and shadow banking data, our experts can shed light on the true dynamics of Chinese monetary policy far in advance of official announcements. We also help firms navigate currency policy headline risk, from market-jolting Yuan devaluation rumors to more technical adjustments to the basket.

M&A Advisory
Fast-moving political events are uprooting the traditional regulatory regimes for inbound and outbound Chinese investment. Our leadership has deep expertise in CFIUS decision-making, close familiarity with the CFIUS reform process, and a long track record of counseling senior decision-makers on policy, political, and compliance risks during the merger and acquisition process.

Market Entry
Utilizing our proprietary data and relationships across the political and policy landscape, our executives advise companies looking to enter or expand their businesses in China. In addition to helping companies assess market conditions, we serve as trusted advisors as they vet their Chinese partners as well as other firms that provide them on-the-ground support.

Geopolitical Risk
Principals on our team have spent decades working on key security issues in the U.S.-China relationship. Our advisory engagements have included providing corporate boards regular threat assessments on their operations in Chinese markets, as well as executive briefings on evolving risks within the broader East Asian region, from the South China Sea to Taiwan to the current negotiations over North Korea.

Advisory Track Record

Leland Miller tells Inside U.S. Trade in early November that the markets were poised for “extraordinary exuberance” if the U.S. and China reached a deal at the G20, sketching out the contours of the agreement reached Saturday.

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