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China & Global Supply Chain Risks: Leland Miller’s Fireside Chat at F3 Conference

CBB CEO Leland Miller gave the keynote address at this year’s Future of Freight Festival, where he discussed the paradigm shift in China’s growth model, future of China’s Covid-Zero policy, the biggest lessons from CBB’s 2022 data, and the wrong way to wargame the risk of war over Taiwan.

The Chinese Economy’s Grand Pivot?

In a private roundtable for members, CBB’s Shehzad Qazi presented to the American Chamber of Commerce in China on the implications of the Evergrande crisis and why China’s growth model will have a brand new playbook for Xi’s coming third term.

Real Vision: ‘What Markets Got Wrong About China 2020-22’

In a must-watch interview for investors in Chinese companies, China Beige Book CEO Leland Miller takes you past the headlines. Hosted by 42 Macro founder and CEO Darius Dale, Miller presents a data-based analysis of the Chinese economy, sharing how his firm’s intensive proprietary research casts doubt on official narratives from Beijing about the speed and composition of China’s COVID recovery. (Recorded December 17, 2021.)


Under a Republican majority, I will establish a China Select Committee to expose and fight against the Chinese Communist Party's cyber, trade, and military threats against America.

@RepGallagher is exceptionally qualified and is the right person to serve as the chairman.

Rep. Gallagher's statement on being selected by @GOPLeader to serve as Chairman of the Select Committee on China.

“That’s a risky mindset, & not just bc it’s in no way justified by the economic data, which are currently awful. It’s also a bet that major lockdowns won’t return as Covid spreads this winter,” Miller told @barronsonline."


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