China Beige Book™
Interactive Data Platform

Buy-side managers and corporate strategists now have access to the most comprehensive proprietary China economic data platform ever created.

China Beige Book™ Analytics Platform

A fully interactive data visualization platform featuring daily data, through which users can build charts and data tables for each of China Beige Book’s 100+ economic indicators.

Each indicator can be filtered across an additional 60 dimensions, allowing users to track Chinese economic performance by sector, sub-sector, region, city tier, and firm size and ownership.

This powerful visualization tool is complete with inbuilt AI and alerts features and accessible to both senior decision-makers and investment professionals interested in topline trends as well as their team of analysts looking for advanced analytics.

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China Beige Book™ Database

Developed for data scientists and quantitative analysts, this centralized database, using Azure SQL Server, provides access to over 4 million (and growing) rows of raw data, as well as pre-defined summarized views.

Users can connect to the Azure SQL Server, run their own queries, and import all data into other commercial or native analytic and visualization programs.

Clients can also access all raw data feeds via AWS S3 buckets or Secure FTP (SFTP).

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China Beige Book™ Data Sets

A third layer of data access constructed via simple Microsoft Excel data tables lets analysts download and easily analyze aggregate trends across all available indicators sorted by dimensions.

All Excel functionalities, such as pivot tables, can be implemented using these pre-set data sheets.

These sets of tables update automatically with each data release.

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