We are the world's leading data analytics firm focused on China

China Beige Book International (CBB) is the world’s leading data analytics firm focused specifically on the Chinese marketplace, as well as publisher of the largest and most comprehensive private survey ever conducted on the Chinese economy—the China Beige Book™.

From corporate CEOs to hedge fund managers, investors focused on China have traditionally had no recourse but to rely on official government data, despite widespread concerns about their veracity, transparency, and even outright manipulation.  Yet China-watchers now have a better option:  Founded in 2010, China Beige Book International operates its own independent in-country private data network, led by hundreds of on-the-ground researchers that provide real-time economic data and customized survey work for both corporate and financial sector clientele, as well as over a dozen of the world’s largest central banks.

CBB’s flagship product—the China Beige Book™ quarterly report—is now widely recognized as the industry standard for forecasting and analyzing the Chinese economy.  Adapted from methodology used by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the China Beige Book™ uses both quantitative and qualitative data to track real-time conditions across China’s regions as well as within each major sector and sub-sector.  It includes quantitative survey data from over 2,000 Chinese firms each quarter, in-depth interviews across each of China’s regions and sectors, and a separate survey of the country’s formal and shadow credit environments (the first of its kind).

The China Beige Book™ is also the only analytical platform able to monitor labor market dynamics, from job growth to wage inflation, as well as the first and only one to ever use extensive, independently-collected data to track capital costs and credit access across China’s massive and opaque shadow banking system.