China Beige Book™ is the largest independent data source in the world on the Chinese economy


Our products and services range from our flagship China Beige Book™ Quarterly Report to bespoke research and consulting projects based on national, regional, or sector-specific data that our network alone has the in-country resources to collect. With the world’s largest independent database on the Chinese economy also at our disposal, we consistently deliver game-changing insights for clients that form the bases of enduring competitive advantage.

Client Offerings

The  China Beige Book™ Service:  This is the industry-leading advisory service that clients (and the media) are raving about. We are all-in for our clients at every step of the process: providing real time data flow from our in-country network, generating early-bird executive summaries and comprehensive data overviews before the current quarter is even over, and finally, delivering the China Beige Book™ Quarterly Report to clients just before the announcement of official quarterly GDP. And we’re speaking to your team regularly along the way. 

From start to finish, our clients are the most prepared in the world when it comes to understanding what is happening—and what will happen—in China’s transitioning economy. 


China ‘Deep-Dive’ Bespoke Research & Analysis:  Developed principally for our corporate and commodity-focused clients, the China Beige Book team utilizes its in-country network to conduct extensive ‘deep-dive’ assessments of specific sectors, sub-sectors or locales, to generate for our clients a key informational edge. Whether helping an automotive company select the optimal location for its next production plant, a Fortune 500 retailer identify its next expansion areas, or enabling a large commodities firm to better understand the production economics of iron ore, aluminum, or steel, China Beige Book’s ability to deconstruct an industry is without peer.