What Exactly is the China Beige Book "Advantage?"

First, we collect our own data—lots of it.  Based on our proprietary methodology, the China Beige Book™platform combines quantitative surveys of C-­suite executives at over 2,500 leading firms nationwide; qualitative, in-depth interviews across all of our regions and sectors; and a separate banker & shadow banker survey that tracks conditions across both the formal and informal credit markets—the first such survey of its kind.


Second, we work with our clients to provide them with precisely the type of ahead-of-the-curve data that they need. Rather than view the economy through a headline number, we assess its performance through an extensive tracking of growth, labor market, and credit metrics—across regions, sectors, and sub-sectors—and with a careful watch of core macro data such as unemployment and inflation and credit data such as access to credit and cost of capital.

The sum total is clear: We're the most comprehensive data platform and investment advisory service ever set up to evaluate the evolving Chinese marketplace.